Mission Statement

The East Hampton Historical Society serves the residents and visitors of East Hampton by collecting, preserving, presenting and interpreting the material, cultural and economic heritage of the town and its surroundings.

The East Hampton Historical Society is the parent organization for a complex of seven museums, national landmark historic sites and workshop facilities of both local and national importance:

The Society, in addition to maintaining the structural integrity of these historic buildings, interprets the social and natural history of the area through exhibits, art and history programs, publications, tours, lectures and workshops.

Board of Trustees

  • Brian Anderson
  • Joseph Aversano
  • Jim Blauvelt
  • Barbara Borsack
  • James W. Brooks
  • Mary Busch
  • Michael P. Clifford
  • Marjorie Diamond
  • Debbie Druker
  • Dorian Fuhrman
  • Arthur Graham
  • Vicky Graham
  • Cathy Humphrey
  • Dale Ellen Leff
  • Hilary Osborn Malecki
  • Robert Plancher
  • Bruce A. Siska


Maria Vann, Executive Director

Richard Barons, Chief Curator

Marianne Howard, Director of Visitor Experience

Jack Driver, Maintenance Manager

Randy Wallace, Office Volunteer

Katherine Persky, Visitor Services Assistant

Karen Faulkner, Visitor Services Assistant

Honorary Trustee

Jacquelin T. Robertson

Trustees Emeriti

Robert Osborne
Hugh King