Online and In Person Programs

Online and In Person Programs


The East Hampton Historical Society offers online programs for families and kids.
We offer a variety of programs with topics such as pirates, museum making, whaling, colonial life, and more.
Also enjoy our Curator Clips, where you can hear stories abut East Hampton History.
*Some programs offer primary source documents and further reading lists for families.

You can find our programs by going to our Events or Facebook pages and either attending LIVE programs or take a look at our recorded program videos.
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The East Hampton Historical Society is the parent organization for a complex of seven museums, historic sites and facilities of both local and national importance. Our mission to serve the residents and visitors of East Hampton through the collection, preservation and interpretation of the cultural heritage of the town extends to partnerships with schools and other educational institutions.

The East Hampton Historical Society programs are derived from exciting and innovative curriculum in areas of history, art, preservation, agriculture and cultural studies.

Our staff has worked to create field trips and school and community-based programs specifically developed to augment classroom instruction and enhance community programming in youth and adult centers. Regardless of the site, lesson plans reflect the ages and developmental needs and abilities of participating students.

We also focus our resources to create educational experiences that meet the requirements of the New York State Learning Standards and Common Core.

Please select from one or more of our topics to begin designing your program. We offer one hour, half day and full day programming.

  • History
  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Cultural History

The educational opportunities with the East Hampton Historical Society are designed to inspire, educate and connect with your curriculum and professional development needs.

Our general program fee is $10.00 per student with a minimum class size of 10. We also offer opportunities for studio art and semester long programming.

Please email to design your program and to learn more about our educational opportunities.