Explore the history of the American Revolution in East Hampton through a new “augmented reality” tour available on the 1776AR cellphone app. The 1776AR app is free and made possible through the generosity of the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation.

You can find the 1776AR app in the Apple App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android. After downloading, visit Mulford Farm, open the app, and follow the instructions to bring history to life. The app works best on phones three years old or newer. While the app will also work on tablets, cellphones offer a better experience. We also recommend you use headphones for improved sound quality and to help immerse you further into the “augmented reality” experience.

Narrated by Village and Town Historian, Hugh King, the 1776AR experience tells the story of the important role played by Colonel David Mulford leading up to the Battle of Long Island in 1776 and the subsequent occupation of the region by the British. While using the 1776AR app at Mulford Farm, you’ll stop at six engraved stones that serve as QR codes that trigger a new episode of the Mulfords’ Revolutionary War story. Even when the farmhouse is closed, visitors can still access the program.

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or search 1776AR in your app store.