Using an interdisciplinary teaching philosophy, the East Hampton Historical Society has made a huge impact on our schools.

The quality of instruction provided by Stacy Myers and the East Hampton Historical Society has been second to none. Every push-in class and on-site activity has aligned with N.Y.S. standards and created meaningful hands-on learning for students of ALL ability levels. Stacy’s lessons are engaging and relatable. We have had several students so motivated after lessons, that they went home and created projects on their own and shared them with the class. Some of these included weaving and structures made of natural resources. We feel the experiences we have had with Ms. Stacy will stay with our students forever. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with her and the historical society.

— Erin Abran, 4th Grade Teacher, John M. Marshall Elementary School

Stacy Myers has provided an unforgettable experience for my students this year. Her passion and dedication to hands-on learning make her the perfect fit for my vision and philosophical beliefs regarding education. Throughout the entire experience, her program promoted curiosity and investigation, ultimately leading to incredible discoveries by my students. Stacy’s program also offers inclusivity to all learning styles and levels. When my students work with her, each student is met at their own pace and can take pride in their achievements. I look forward to more opportunities in the future to work with her. 

— Lucille Czerniuk, Teacher, Hayground School

I am deeply grateful for the partnership Stacy Myers and the East Hampton Historical Society have built with my Third Grade class at Amagansett School. Stacy has designed extraordinary curriculum extensions and experiential endeavors for my young historians over the years to make our social studies curriculum come alive. Her workshops, field trips, and activities promote critical thinking, depth of conceptualization, and enthusiasm in my students. My team and I look forward to continuing our strong community relations with Stacy and the Historical Society.

— Marith Thorsen, 3rd Grade Teacher, Amagansett School

All photos: S. Myers and C. Propper