Friday, March 8: Plain Sight Project: Slavery on the East End

Donnamarie Barnes and David Rattray, co-directors of the Plain Sight Project, will discuss the history of slavery in Colonial North America, their research on enslaved individuals on Eastern Long Island, and the creation of the Plain Sight Project. Featuring a comprehensive, public list of enslaved persons from the Colonial period to the last recorded enslaved person in East Hampton in 1830, the Plain Sight Project is reconciling with this forgotten history while taking a step to place these people and their stories back into our nation’s founding narrative.

Upcoming Lectures

Friday, April 12: How the Dominy Shops returned to North Main Street

Presented by Bob Hefner, Project Director of the Dominy Shops Museum

These FREE lectures start at 7PM at

St. Luke’s Church,
18 James Lane,
East Hampton

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If you weren’t able to join us for our previous lectures, you can tune in below for Randy Kolhoff’s lecture on the Historical Photography of William G. Howard and Mia Certic’s presentation on the Amistad!

Randy Kolhoff presents The Historical Photography of William G. Howard
Mia Certic presents The Story of the Amistad