Download Fun and Educational Activities!

Design Your Own Scrimshaw

Download this packet for the history of scrimshaw and inspiration to design your own piece. Make sure to share your design on Social Media, #easthamptonhistoricalsociety!

Ages 7+

Create Your Family Tree

What is a Family Tree? A family tree is a visual way of documenting your genealogy.
Most family tree diagrams include one box for each individual, and each box is connected to the other boxes to show direct relationships.

Did You Know?
There is a Long Island Genealogy Society, and entire books (now websites) dedicated to the genealogies of East Hampton families. Can you imagine tracing the Mulford family back to its roots at Mulford Farm (c. 1680)? Or to their roots before settling in East Hampton (before 1643)? How many John Mulford's have there been in this family since that time?

Now It's Your Turn!
For your family tree, start with your name in the middle, and add your parents' names, one to either side, of your name. Do you know your grandparents' names? You can add them in as well.
Want an extra challenge? Add birth dates to everyone you have listed on your tree.
Want to go one step further? Call your grandparents! See if they can help fill in your blank boxes, and if they can add their parents and their grandparents (your great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents) to the tree. Are you named after anyone in your family?

Why Do This?
Knowing, recording, and preserving your family's history not only impacts you, but also will help future generations of your family that may not even be born yet. A family tree can help you understand where your family has come from, challenges your ancestors may have faced, and connections that you have to other family members.

Ages 10+

Word Search

Download this activity sheet to locate words describing the things we love about East Hampton! the words are hiding horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Ages 7+

Memory Game

In this fun game of memory, you will search for images from the Society's historic Valentine's Day card collection!

A player makes a match if the two cards turned picture-side up are the same. When a match is made, the player take both cards and place them in from of him or her. That player then takes another turn, and continues taking turns until they guess wrong. The player with the most matches at the end wins!

Instructions: Print (on both sides) and cut out. Ask mom or dad for help if needed. You can also print out on two sheets and glue the Society logo to a valentine card picture.

Ages 5+