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Design Your Own Maritime Flags

Ages: 8+

You will need the following supplies: flag sheet, paper, markers, scissors, glue.

Did you know?

Prior to radio, maritime communication was generally limited to visual signaling. Sailors aboard ships used lanterns to communicate with other ships, or they used mirrors to reflect the sun. Over time, they devised a flag system alphabet to communicate. Ships did also communicate using sounds, including bells, whistles and horns. After the introduction of the radio, audio communication could cover longer distances and today, cellular networks expanded the range of communication to the entire world.

In 1857, the International Code of Signals standardized the signal flag alphabet, making it easier to communicate in between ships. The colorful flags are easy to see from a distance.

Imagine you are sailing from Amagansett in 1860. You see a friendly ship in the distance and want to pass along a message.

1.Decide what you want to communicate! It can either be your name or a fun message.
2.Make sure you have a rectangular piece of paper for each letter in your message.
3.Look at the alphabet and color each flag with the pattern that matches the letters for your message.
4.Attach your flags together using string or tape.
5.See if someone at home can decipher your message.

Level up! Develop a message for your neighbor you know, and then hang it in a window. Can he or she decipher it from a distance? Download the signal flag sheet.

What is a Right Whale?

Learn about the right whale, which was the common whale hunted by Long Island whalers due to their slow swimming speed and their ability to feed at the surface of the waters. At the East Hampton Marine Museum, you can see how, and why, this whale had been hunted. Make sure to visit this summer.

Download the glossary, and then watch the video to learn more.

Marine Life Origami

Ages 7+

You will need a square piece of paper.

Origami was initially known as orikata (folded shapes). In 1880, however, the craft became known as origami. The term origami comes from the Japanese words oru (to fold) and kami (paper). It is not known why this term was chosen, although scholars have speculated that the characters for this term were simply the easiest for schoolchildren to learn to write.

Watch the video to turn your paper into marine life origami!

Design Your Own Scrimshaw

Ages 7+

Download this packet for the history of scrimshaw and inspiration to design your own piece. Make sure to share your design on Social Media, #easthamptonhistoricalsociety!

Create Your Family Tree

Ages 10+

What is a Family Tree? A family tree is a visual way of documenting your genealogy.
Most family tree diagrams include one box for each individual, and each box is connected to the other boxes to show direct relationships.

Did You Know?
There is a Long Island Genealogy Society, and entire books (now websites) dedicated to the genealogies of East Hampton families. Can you imagine tracing the Mulford family back to its roots at Mulford Farm (c. 1680)? Or to their roots before settling in East Hampton (before 1643)? How many John Mulford's have there been in this family since that time?

Now It's Your Turn!
For your family tree, start with your name in the middle, and add your parents' names, one to either side, of your name. Do you know your grandparents' names? You can add them in as well.
Want an extra challenge? Add birth dates to everyone you have listed on your tree.
Want to go one step further? Call your grandparents! See if they can help fill in your blank boxes, and if they can add their parents and their grandparents (your great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents) to the tree. Are you named after anyone in your family?

Why Do This?
Knowing, recording, and preserving your family's history not only impacts you, but also will help future generations of your family that may not even be born yet. A family tree can help you understand where your family has come from, challenges your ancestors may have faced, and connections that you have to other family members.

Word Search

Ages 7+

Download this activity sheet to locate words describing the things we love about East Hampton! the words are hiding horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.